Weatherization Assistance Program At-A-Glance:

The goal of the WAP is to reduce energy consumption in residential and commercial premises. In order to achieve these savings, NBW Energy carries out energy performance assessments performed by competent and well-trained professionals under the supervision of Manuel Sovero.

  • STEP ONE: Initial Contact

Customers are reached directly by our Weatherization Advisors through door-to-door contact, direct marketing flyers, and/or electronic media. After a connection with the customer is established, NBW Energy sends a Weatherization Advisor to the home that clearly explains the benefits of the energy program. NBW will then schedule an appointment with the homeowner know this entire program is subsidized by the state program and is at no cost to them.

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  • STEP TWO: Home Evaluation

At the scheduled appointment with one of our Weatherization Advisors, the customer will learn about the purpose of the “Energy Efficiency Program” and be able to ask any questions they may have. With the customer’s permission, the Advisor will then perform a complete energy assessment following the WAP protocols and procedures.

Assessment result will show problems or issues to be addressed in order to achieve an energy reduction. For maximum results, assessments will check:

  • Home Insulation (air leakage on windows, external doors, etc).
  • Integrity of air conditioning/heating system ducts.
  • Visual inspection of the attic insulation.

After the assessment is complete, the Advisor will suggest improvement that can be made to the home by NBW Energy to reduce energy consumption which will potentially reduce energy costs to them. Additionally, the Advisor will again explain to the customer that the assessment and any suggested improvements to the home are totally free of cost to the homeowner.

  • STEP THREE: Application of Energy Improvement Measures

After evaluation of the assessment results, NBW Energy will carry out some or all of the following measures. Other improvement measures may also be available:

  1. Application of insulation to the attic.
  2. Seal the following leakages:
  • Air Ducts
  • A/C Unit
  • External walls/doors
  • Windows
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